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 ‘The Astral Women’  


 by Linda Persson 

‘The Astral Women’ (2016)
Film screening by Linda Persson (UK/ SE)

A show- reel of artists films selected by Persson will play before "The Astral Women"


Screening #1 - 26th February - 7.30pm

Screening # 2 - 4th March - 7.30pm 

* Screening #2 is accompanied by a live score performance streamed from Tasmania with artist Pip Stafford.
* Approx running time 45 minutes

Show-reel list and images:



















1. Jean Painlevé (FR),
‘Le Vampire’ (1945). [16mm transferred to digital, B&W with sound, 8.36min].

2. Maria Johansson and Etta Säfve (NO & SE) 
‘Ultimate BIO Version Is To Avoid Ones Shadow. Hold Your Head Up. Moving On.’ 

[HD film with sound, 2 min].

3. Victoria Skogsberg (SE/ UK) 
‘What Is Not recorded’. [SD film with sound, 4.17min].

4. Tamara Henderson and Bridget Currie (CA & AUS) 
‘Wax Accents’. [16mm transferred to digital with sound, 9.43min]. 

5. SuSu Laroche (FR/ ENG) 
‘Dread Majestry’. 

[16mm hand processed film transferred to digital B&W with sound, 2.41 min].

6. Oskar Aglert (SE) 
‘Restart No.3’. [Digital animation with sound, 6.08 min].

7. Calvin Laing (UK) 
‘Calvin & Carriage’. [Video performance with sound, 3 min].

8. Etta Säfve (SE) 
‘Hand Stand’. [8mm transferred to digital, 2.40min].


Artist Biographies:


Linda Persson is an artist/ filmmaker and curator. She studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom and more recently at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. She lives between Stockholm and London. Her work has been exhibited internationally in places like Wolke, Brussels, The Drawing room and Vitrine Gallery in London and at Galerie Nordenhake and Haninge Konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden. 


Visit her website for more projects: 


About the "The Astral Women" film project, visit: 


And her recent project space


Pip Stafford is a Tasmanian media artist and producer based in Hobart. Her work is primarily concerned with networks and communications, rituals and patterns, radio and feminist methodologies. 

Her work can be found in the form of installation, sound, transmissions, sculpture, online projects and printed matter.



Jean Painlevé  (1902-1989) was a film director and biologist who specialized in underwater fauna. He was the son of mathematician and twice Prime Minister of France, Paul Painlevé. Painlevé cannot be considered part of the Surrealist movement and did not actually consider himself a surrealist. He did, however, share the surrealists' interest in psycho-sexual stimulation and the ultimate weirdness of procreation. 


Etta Säfve, born in Uppsala, lives and works in Skåne (SE)

Working interdisciplinary with analogue film, video, drawing, artist writings and installations.

Educated at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Her work has been shown at a.o Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Galleri 21, Malmö, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm and Stedelijk Musem, Amsterdam.


Elin Maria Johansson, lives and works in Skåne (SE) work with sculpture, installations, video and images. Educated at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm and Stockholm Academy of dramatic art.

Her work has been shown at a.o Thomas Wallner Galley, Simris, Wiesenburg, Berlin , Odenplan, Stockholm and Biologiska Muséet, Stockholm.


Parallel to their practices, the Swedish artists Elin Maria Johansson and Etta Säfve have an on-going collaboration. The result is a series of works that varies from installations, film, sound-pieces, propagation of myths, objects, performances and interactive works. Together with four other artists they also run Gylleboverket- an artist-run platform for contemporary art and film, located on a former scrap-yard in South Sweden.


Calvin Laing (b.1988, Edinburgh) currently lives and works in London, graduating from the Sculpture department at Edinburgh College of Art (2011). Working with the relationships of video, performance and documentation. He was a participant in the New Work Scotland Programme at Collective Gallery with a solo show (2013). Selected group shows include: Linking, Linking Arms, Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (2015) WADE IN - WADE IN - WADE IN, Formalism Refreshed, Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada, (2015);  IMAGE MIRAGE IAMAGE, Moana Project Space, Perth, Western Australia (2014); Global Internet Talks,  Art Licks Weekend, Studio Parlor, London (2014);  Trolley of Folly, Bruno Glint, London  (2013).


Oskar Aglert: I have a life long interest in story telling through visual imagery. In my artistic practice I work with 3D animation, digital drawing, and sculpture. I have been working in 3D and with creation of digital imagery for about 10 years. In my field of work I often construct ‘new’ worlds starting with a process of research and sketches to develop a conceptual and narrative substance. This leads to 3D-generated models that progress into sculptures, digital images and animation. 



'Wax Accents' 2012 16mm film is a collaboration between Bridget Currie and Tamara Henderson and was made in Stockholm.


Bridget Currie (1979) is an Australian artist currently living in Bilbao, Spain. Currie works in sculpture, photography and performance. Her work is concerned with animate and inanimate presence and a non-narrative understanding of objects. Tamara Henderson (1982) is a Canadian artist. Henderson's writings, sculptures and 16mm films often suggest an escape from conscious experience and her process of tapping into dreams connects to Surrealist traditions. Henderson's work has been shown in Documenta 13, Frieze projects 2014 and in the Glasgow International 2016, Henderson is represented by Rodeo Gallery in London and Istanbul.


Victoria Skogsberg (1977) was born in Sweden and currently lives and works between London and Stockholm. She received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Environmental Art) from Glasgow School of Art in 2003 and a MA in Fine Art at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, in 2013. During 2007-09 Skogsberg served as a committee member of Transmission Gallery in Glasgow. Her work has been shown both in Sweden and internationally, most recently in London (2015), Bergen (2014) and Athens (2014).


SuSu Laroche is an anagram of Chaos Lure Us Chaos Rule Us and translates to Awakening the Rock. A filmmaker & photographer of Egyptian/French descent, she works with hand developed 16mm in London.



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